Article of the day: Creating a culture that won’t vote for Trump

The image shows an outline of the United States, filled entirely with colorful triangles.

Ijeoma Oluo writes at The Establishment on the necessity of creating a culture that won’t vote for Trump.

I’ve lived in a country that would vote for Donald Trump my entire life. And, as a black woman, I’ve felt it. That feeling of hurt and betrayal that many liberal white Americans are just now feeling? That’s what I and so many other people of color have felt their entire lives…

POC in the U.S. have been fighting to change this for hundreds of years. But it’s really hard to defeat White Supremacy while being oppressed by a White Supremacist system. But maybe now, maybe now that White Supremacy is also coming for health care and abortions, maybe now the rest of liberal white America will join us. We’re going to need every single one of you.

Because what we need to do is hard. Very hard. We have to create a culture that won’t vote for Trump, that won’t vote for anyone like Trump ever again. And in order to do that we have to shift our focus from our politicians, our electoral college, our TV pundits—and we have to start focusing on our communities.

Because Trump did not elect himself. The news did not elect Trump. The DNC did not elect Trump. The majority of white American voters elected Trump.


Author: progressiveactiondaily

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