Article of the day: American ethnic politics in comparative perspective

The photo shows a black man holding a sign that says "stronger together." He's seated next to a man who appears Latino, and a white man.

At the blog Political Violence at a Glance, Cullen Hendrix writes about the international study of ethnic politics, and what it can tell us about the rise of Trump.  Some of his key takeaways:

  • Demographic decline in the dominant ethnic group ­– either real or perceived – is often politically destabilizing.
  • Ethnic diversity stymies investment in social welfare – which is more necessary than ever in a more open US economy.
  • Most of the time, interethnic relations are peaceful or even cooperative.
  • Ethnic identity is not static.

The article is a bit wonky, but worth the read for a broader perspective.

Author: progressiveactiondaily

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