Action of the day: take the Trump Relief Pledge

The image shows text that reads, "The Trump Relief Pledge: invest your tax breaks in progress."

If you think you might end up paying lower taxes under Trump, sign up to take the Trump Relief Pledge.  As the pledge’s creators write,

Donald Trump won the presidency in part due to his pledge to cut taxes. To pay for those tax cuts, he plans to reduce funding for environmental protection, education, science, clean energy research, social services, and more. We recognize that taxes are the price we pay to live in a society that protects and provides for all its people. We do not want tax cuts at the cost of progress, opportunity, and basic services. As a result we have written and taken the Trump Relief Pledge. It states:

I pledge to donate the tax breaks I receive from Trump’s policies—including income tax reduction, estate tax reduction, and capital gains tax reduction—to a worthy cause that will continue funding progress in our country.

Author: progressiveactiondaily

We share one action or news item related to progressive social change in the US each day. Stay involved, not overwhelmed!

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