Action of the day: get involved with the movement for ranked choice voting

The photo has text that says, "FairVote: for a more perfect union"

The electoral college probably isn’t going to disappear any time soon, but there are still other useful reforms that can make voting a less polarizing process.  One of them is switching from “first past the post” voting, where any candidate who receives the most votes in a single election wins, to ranked choice voting (RCV).  Here’s why it’s better:

RCV is straightforward for voters: rank candidates in order of choice. Voters can rank as many candidates as they want…

For a single office, like for a mayor or governor, RCV helps to elect a candidate more reflective of a majority of voters in a single election even when several viable candidates are in the race. It does this by counting the votes in rounds.

First, every vote counts for its first choice. If a candidate has more than half of the vote based on first-choices, that candidate wins. If no candidate has more than half of those votes, then the candidate with the fewest first choices is eliminated. The voters who selected the defeated candidate as a first choice will then have their votes added to the totals of their next choice. This process continues until a candidate has more than half of the active votes or only two candidates remain. The candidate with a majority among the active candidates is declared the winner.

FairVote is working to expand the use of ranked choice voting in the US.  Check out their list of 11 ways to get involved with RCV and improve the electoral process in your community.

Author: progressiveactiondaily

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