Action of the day: reach across the aisle with Hi From The Other Side

The photo shows two white men sitting next to a lake, with the text "hi from the other side -- meet someone who supported another candidate" superimposed on them.

Hi From The Other Side is a new service which connects people with different political preferences and encourages them to hold a conversation.  As the organizers write,

Won’t this just end in a shouting match?

Maybe. But we’re hopeful there are people who really want to engage in a civil conversation.

We also deliberately ask some more human questions in our sign-up to try to screen for people who seem nice.

Finally, when we match you, we also provide a conversation guide to help you get off on the right foot.

The time commitment is small and the potential benefits are large, so do consider signing up!

Author: progressiveactiondaily

We share one action or news item related to progressive social change in the US each day. Stay involved, not overwhelmed!

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