Action of the day: check out ways to be a white accomplice

The photo shows a series of black and white images of people taking action against racial prejudice, including donating money, protesting, and educating themselves

If you’re interested in getting more involved in the fight for racial justice, check out the useful site White Accomplices.  As the site’s creator writes,

The actions of an Accomplice are meant to directly challenge institutionalized racism, colonization, and White supremacy by blocking or impeding racist people, policies, and structures.

Realizing that our freedoms and liberations are bound together, retreat or withdrawal in the face of oppressive structures is not an option.    

Accomplices’ actions are informed by, directed and often coordinated with leaders who are Black, Brown First Nations/Indigenous Peoples, and/or People of Color.

They offer a useful list of nine ways to act as an accomplice, going beyond protesting and donating to think about how to build anti-racism into your work, your childrearing, or your art.

Author: progressiveactiondaily

We share one action or news item related to progressive social change in the US each day. Stay involved, not overwhelmed!

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