Article of the day: why do Republicans dislike the ACA so much?

The image shows people protesting in favor of the ACA

The Affordable Care Act certainly wasn’t perfect, but it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that Republicans dislike it primarily because it was implemented by Obama.  (In fact, it was based on Mitt Romney’s pioneering healthcare plan in Massachusetts, and was designed as a the type of market-led program that Republicans are generally quite fond of.)  The LA Times has a useful breakdown of some common Republican talking points on the supposed shortcomings of the ACA — nearly all of which appear to be baseless.

We know that House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wisc.) is desperate to repeal the Affordable Care Act. What he never has been able to explain adequately is why.

Oh, sure, Ryan has offered some rhetorical explanations. He says Obamacare is “collapsing.” That it’s in a “death spiral.” That it’s a “struggle” for Americans. He says a “much, much better system” could be put in its place.

Ryan made all these points, and more, during a town hall meeting Thursday evening aired by CNN. The hour-long session didn’t yield an explanation for Ryan’s haste to take action that could upend insurance coverage for more than 20 million Americans. It did underscore, however, that his description of and position on the law are based on misconceptions, misrepresentations and lies.

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