Action of the day: ask Facebook to implement reminders for local elections

Facebook has done good work for civic engagement by setting up reminders to vote in national elections.  Now, Flippable has organized a petition for them to offer similar reminders for local elections.   Please sign and share!

Action of the day: take control of your digital spaces

If you’ve gotten more involved in political activism since the election, particularly online, it’s important to realize that this may increase your risk of being harassed or even hacked.  The DIY Guide to Feminist Cybersecurity is a great primer on securing your online accounts — and is broadly applicable even if you wouldn’t consider yourself a feminist.  It has useful security tips for people ranging from the occasional Facebook checker to the journalist handling sensitive information.  While you’re at it, you should also make sure your home address can’t be easily found on the internet.

Action of the day: take this bizarre Trump media survey

The Trump administration has opened up a survey meant to support their vendetta against the “lying media.”  It’s so transparently partisan and incredibly badly designed that it’s sort of hilarious.  Fill it out (with a fake email if you’d prefer) and let them know that media organizations are working in the public interest by covering Trump’s many lies and conflicts of interest.

Action of the day: learn more about immigration policy with the National Immigration Forum

If you’d like to learn more about the history of immigration to the US and current policy options for improving our system, the National Immigration Forum should be your first stop.  They’ve got a lot of great resources, and offer opportunities for employers, faith leaders, law enforcement, and ordinary citizens to work together for a better immigration system.

Action of the day: support immigrants with a donation to MALDEF

MALDEF, which originally stood for the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund, is one of the country’s leading civil rights organizations working for the broader Latinx community.  Many of the people being targeted by Trump’s immigration policies are originally from Latin America, so now is a great time to support organizations like MALDEF with a donation.

Action of the day: distribute these deportation defense cards

If you’re undocumented or know others who are, check out United We Dream‘s deportation defense cards, which specify the rights that immigrants have in encounters with ICE.  They’re available in English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Korean.  Save a copy to your phone and print out others to distribute.

Action of the day: sign up to #KnockEveryDoor

Knock Every Door is launching nationwide, volunteer-led canvasses to organize communities against Trump.  As they note,

In the 2016 elections, the Democratic party failed progressives by failing to organize at scale the kind of face-to-face conversations between volunteers and voters that can help identify and persuade the voters we needed to defeat Trump.

Our first step: We’re currently conducting nationwide, door-to-door canvasses to start conversations that should have been happening before the election and that simply can’t wait until 2018. We’re going to listen to voters and non-voters alike, and in the process help organize our communities against Trump.

You should especially consider joining if you live in an area which voted for Obama in 2012 but Trump in 2016.