Action of the day: get involved with the Trump Cabinet Confirmations Blockade

If you’d like to learn more about Trump’s Cabinet nominees and take action against their confirmation, Pantsuit Nation Washington State has put together a guide to participating in the Confirmations Blockade.  They’ve synthesized information about the nominees, contact information for the Congressional committees in charge of approving them, and other links for learning more about the confirmation process.

Action of the day: commit to Donate Bigly in 2017

Are you interested in making a charitable donation specifically to irritate one of Trump’s Cabinet nominees?   Donate Bigly has identified a range of progressive non-profits which each nominee probably dislikes.  They also provide contact information for each nominee, so it’s easy to make a donation “in honor of” that person.  Support the ACLU in honor of Jeff Sessions, or the National Urban League in honor of Ben Carson, and they’ll hear all about it!