Action of the day: ask Facebook to implement reminders for local elections

Facebook has done good work for civic engagement by setting up reminders to vote in national elections.  Now, Flippable has organized a petition for them to offer similar reminders for local elections.   Please sign and share!

Action of the day: take this bizarre Trump media survey

The Trump administration has opened up a survey meant to support their vendetta against the “lying media.”  It’s so transparently partisan and incredibly badly designed that it’s sort of hilarious.  Fill it out (with a fake email if you’d prefer) and let them know that media organizations are working in the public interest by covering Trump’s many lies and conflicts of interest.

Article of the day: can’t easily call or canvass? Petitions do still matter

By now you’ve surely seen a theme in much of what’s been shared here: calling your representatives and trying to meet them in person is more effective than signing online petitions.  However, this doesn’t mean that petitions are useless!  At the Monkey Cage, Daniel Carpenter notes that they have several benefits for both the signers and organizers of the petition.  Most notably, petitions help activist groups create lists of potential members — and many people get their start in activism simply by putting their name on a petition.  So don’t feel badly about signing the next petition that comes through your inbox.

Action of the day: sign this petition to urge Congress to reject Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions is among the worst of Trump’s cabinet picks.  His presence as Attorney General would undermine the Justice Department’s efforts to support civil rights.  Representatives Suzanne Bonamici, Jim Himes, Joe Kennedy, and Kathleen Rice have put together a list of his troubling track record.  Sign their petition against Sessions today.

  • Sessions supports disenfranchising voters and opposed the Voting Rights Act.
  • Sessions was rejected by the Senate in 1986 for a federal judgeship for making racist jokes about supporting the KKK.
  • Sessions has a clear anti-LGBT agenda, campaigning vigorously against marriage equality, against gays in the military, and against ending workplace discrimination.
  • Sessions has rejected protections for hate crime victims who are targeted because of their gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability.
  • Sessions opposed the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.
  • Sessions supports Trump’s extreme ideas like “the wall” and his Muslim registry ban.

Action of the day: sign the SPLC’s petition against Steve Bannon

Sign the Southern Poverty Law Center’s petition calling for Steve Bannon to be removed from Donald J. Trump’s transition team. As the chairman of Breitbart news, Bannon “aggressively pushed stories against immigrants, supported linking minorities to terrorism and crime,” and developed the site into a leading platform for white supremacy.