Action of the day: find an airport protest near you with GroundGame

If you missed the first wave of airport protests against the refugee ban last weekend, not to fear — there are still additional protests going on around the country.  GroundGame has a useful list of locations and dates, including several scheduled for this upcoming weekend.

Action of the day: stay connected during protests with FireChat

Huge turnout is expected at protests on Inauguration Day and at the Women’s Marches happening around the country on the 21st, which can easily overwhelm local mobile phone networks.  If you’ll be participating in one of these events, download FireChat to stay connected with your friends in the area.  The program uses Bluetooth and peer-to-peer wifi to create a local network without relying on data or an internet connection.  It’s available for Android and Apple phones.

Action of the day: sign up for the Women’s March on Washington (or in your home state)

The Women’s March on Washington is planned as a protest of Trump’s inauguration, and will be held on January 21 near the US Capitol.  If you can’t make it to DC, other Women’s Marches are being planned around the country.  Look up “women’s march [your state]” to find another near you.  Men and non-binary folks are also welcome, of course!