Action of the day: support the Women’s Refugee Commission

The Women’s Refugee Commission works around the world to support the rights of women and girls who have fled conflict.  They have also been a leading voice against Trump’s harsh refugee policies.  Check out their site to learn more, sign up for newsletters, or donate to support them.

Action of the day: support the Muslim Public Affairs Council

The Muslim Public Affairs Council supports the civil rights of Muslims in the US and works to dispel Islamophobic stereotypes.  They’re playing an important role in resisting Trump’s baseless refugee and visa bans.  Head to their site to learn more about their work or donate to support them.  And if you’re Muslim and interested in entering public service, check out their excellent Congressional Leadership Development Program.

Article of the day: Trump-style refugee bans kept Jared Kushner’s grandmother from escaping the Holocaust

Lizzy Ratner has an excellent article at The Nation on the draconian immigration policies of the early 20th-century US, and the way in which they sentenced many Jewish refugees to death in the Holocaust.  Remarkably, one of the would-be refugees who wasn’t admitted to the US, yet still survived to tell the story, was Jared Kushner’s grandmother Rae Kushner.  Her family unsuccessfully applied for visas to travel from Poland in the 1930s.  More than a decade later, after most of her family died in a ghetto and the survivors fled to a refugee camp in Italy, Rae and her new husband were resettled in New York under the 1948 Displaced Persons Act.  It’s pretty stunning that someone with Kushner’s family history wouldn’t speak out against policies which will condemn today’s refugees to life or death in conflict zones.

Article of the day: Trump expected to order ban on refugee admissions to the US

According to Reuters, Trump plans to sign a series of executive orders later this week temporarily halting the admission of all refugees to the US, and barring citizens of numerous Muslim-majority countries from getting US visas.  The affected countries include Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.  Both of these actions appear to be motivated by Islamophobia rather than any legitimate policy concern.  Over the next several days, I’ll share links to organizations working against these policies.