Article of the day: anti-elite sentiment and support for Trump

Over the next few days, I’ll be posting several pieces exploring patterns of electoral support for Trump.  Katherine Cramer has written a compelling piece on the role that anti-elite sentiment played in galvanizing rural voters’ support for him.

Perhaps most significantly, the people I talked with thought that they were not getting their fair share of respect. They perceived that in the rare cases that people in the cities paid any attention to people in places like theirs, they ridiculed rural folks as uneducated racists…

Donald Trump is not a rural person, but his message resonated strongly with the rural folks I have spent time with. They talked about him as an agent of change, a person who was not a politician who would come in and overhaul the way things are done, basically overnight….

Part of Trump’s appeal was that he gave people a story, however false or partial, about whom the good life is going to.