Action of the day: distribute these deportation defense cards

If you’re undocumented or know others who are, check out United We Dream‘s deportation defense cards, which specify the rights that immigrants have in encounters with ICE.  They’re available in English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Korean.  Save a copy to your phone and print out others to distribute.

Article of the day: Texas woman deported after seeking a restraining order in a domestic violence case

The Trump administration has ordered Immigrations and Customs Enforcement to step up deportations of all undocumented immigrants, even those not suspected of any violent or drug-related crime.  One of the first casualties was a woman in El Paso, Texas, who was deported when she went to court to ask for a restraining order against an abusive ex-boyfriend.  It seems likely that the ex-boyfriend tipped ICE off to the location of her court hearing, according to the Washington Post.  It’s the perfect example of how this disastrous policy promises to uproot millions of people without doing a single thing to make our country safer.

Article of the day: can’t easily call or canvass? Petitions do still matter

By now you’ve surely seen a theme in much of what’s been shared here: calling your representatives and trying to meet them in person is more effective than signing online petitions.  However, this doesn’t mean that petitions are useless!  At the Monkey Cage, Daniel Carpenter notes that they have several benefits for both the signers and organizers of the petition.  Most notably, petitions help activist groups create lists of potential members — and many people get their start in activism simply by putting their name on a petition.  So don’t feel badly about signing the next petition that comes through your inbox.

Action of the day: sign up to #KnockEveryDoor

Knock Every Door is launching nationwide, volunteer-led canvasses to organize communities against Trump.  As they note,

In the 2016 elections, the Democratic party failed progressives by failing to organize at scale the kind of face-to-face conversations between volunteers and voters that can help identify and persuade the voters we needed to defeat Trump.

Our first step: We’re currently conducting nationwide, door-to-door canvasses to start conversations that should have been happening before the election and that simply can’t wait until 2018. We’re going to listen to voters and non-voters alike, and in the process help organize our communities against Trump.

You should especially consider joining if you live in an area which voted for Obama in 2012 but Trump in 2016.

Action of the day: easily connect with your Congresspeople with 5 Calls

5 Calls is a new site which makes it easy to phone your Congresspeople in support of progressive causes.  When you sign up with them, they will provide you with phone numbers and scripts so calling is quick and easy, and use your location to find your local representatives so your calls have more impact.  It’s the best five minutes you’ll spend all day.

Article of the day: 30 key players in Trump’s Washington

If you’d like to take a deep dive into Trump’s inner circle beyond Bannon and Sessions, check out Politico’s Playbook Power List.  It provides a useful guide to 30 key players in DC — both individuals and organizations — who have the power to influence Trump’s presidency.